Our Experienced Staff

Our Customer Service Representatives (CSR),
Vendor Coordinators (VC), and Quality
Control Reviewers (QCR) have decades of
experience in the appraisal and mortgage
lending industries.  Most of our staff have
extensive federal government regulatory
and large bank experience. 

Our Customer Service Representatives:

  • Establish a relationship with the client service representatives
  • Direct and resolve client escalation concerns
  • Resolve issues in 48 hours keeping clients informed
  • Monitors new order queue and all orders placed on hold

Our Vendor Coordinators:

  • Monitors the new order queue, receives incoming calls for new orders
  • Receives emails from CSR/clients with questions or concerns regarding order entry
  • Responsible for assigning and/or reassigning orders to vendors
  • Handles vendor portal access and vendor software troubleshooting
  • Makes follow up calls ensuring timely order completion

Our Quality Control Reviewers:

  • State Certified Appraisers with 2012-2013 USPAP Certification
  • Examines all completed reports for errors, typos, omissions, client requirements, and compliance
  • Handles client portal access and initial subject property research
  • Responsible for system maintenance and client requirements
  • Sends Correction Request emails to vendors whose reports do not pass QC
  • Sends approved reports and invoices to clients
  • Works with clients/vendors to settle report disputes