In a single seamless platform, BackInTheBlack manages
collections and loss mitigation. Our cloud based delivery
model helps manage your investor requirements while
ensuring that you maintain compliance.
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Fannie Mae Certified

BackInTheBlack® has been named by Fannie Mae as a strategic technology provider. As a BackInTheBlack user, all workout types will be certified, eliminating the need for approval. This will streamline your workout process for Fannie Mae loans, rapidly bringing them current and reducing rejections. All completed workouts will be uploaded electronically to Fannie Mae, so manual input will no longer be required.

Through direct integration with Fannie Mae, BackInTheBlack® will be updated continuously with any future changes in the Fannie Mae rule sets and guidelines. In this dynamic environment, you will know that your workouts are being managed to the most current set of Fannie Mae rules, so you will not have to interpret and incorporate the frequent changes.

Express Option

As an alternative to implementing BackInTheBlack® to manage your entire default management process, you may choose our Express Option, using BackInTheBlack only for Fannie Mae loans. We can upload just the Fannie Mae loans into BackInTheBlack. You will get all the benefits of BackInTheBlack’s Fannie Mae certification, without disrupting your existing internal processes.

Quick, Low Cost Implementation

BackInTheBlack® is a turnkey solution, making implementation quick and easy. BackInTheBlack is web-based so you do not need to invest in any new equipment or special hardware. Agents need only a web browser to access the application. We have streamlined our implementation process to require minimal investment of resources and time on your part. Using our standard implementation process, you can be up and running in as little as 30 days.

Let BackInTheBlack® work for you! To learn more about the benefits, call us or visit our website. We will be happy to help!

Supporting Features

  • Dynamic Workfl ow & Distribution
  • Workout Eligibility
  • Workout Calculators
  • Package Send & Receive
  • Dynamic Document Generation
  • Pre-Confi gured or Customized Solution
  • Integrated NPV Model
  • Fully Integrated into Fannie Mae’s Loss Mitigation Technology

Default servicing today can be inefficient and ineffective, with servicers encumbered by expensive legacy systems and operating in a dynamic environment. With investor rules and guidelines changing constantly. BackInTheBlack® default technology provides an automated solution to address these issues. It is a seamless, web-based workfl ow application for managing default mortgages from collections through loss mitigation.

BackInTheBlack® was built from industry best practices to provide you with a consistent, integrated way to manage all workout types. BackInTheBlack incorporates and maintains current investor rule sets to ensure that your agents are handling workouts properly. As a result, you will improve the outcome from your collection and loss mitigation efforts:

  • Consistent default management process
  • Increased efficiency and control
  • Adherence to industry guidelines and investor rule sets in all workouts
  • Fewer foreclosures/reduced losses
  • Lower operational expenses

Consistent Default Management Process

With the demand for workouts in the current market environment, we know how important it is have a consistent and controlled default management process. We’ve built BackInTheBlack® based on industry best practices to manage your workflow and increase the quality of your workout decisions.

When you put BackInTheBlack® to work, you will discover just how automated the key process steps can be. BackInTheBlack manages your workflow by assigning work queues and organizing tasks for greatest efficiency. You can configure the application to incorporate elegations for the various roles within your organization.

BackInTheBlack® facilitates easy capture of detailed financial data from your borrowers. It provides seamless connectivity with attorneys, investors, insurers and other third parties. The workflow can be configured to automate the ordering of credit reports and valuations from third party sources. A single point of entry means that your workflow is more efficient, fast and less expensive.

Rules-Based Decisioning

Based on all the borrower information collected, a rules based engine guides decision making, recommending the best option for each workout type. What's more, BackInTheBlack® is a "smart" system, with calculators for transaction analysis that will help you end the proliferation of inefficient spreadsheets, databases or other programs.

Finally, BackInTheBlack® provides you with configurable or pre-configured report for every functional area. The reporting includes meaningful metrics on collection and loss mitigation results, so you can track performance of your overall process and of specific agent.